Ink for Corrugated Industries


Ink for Corrugated Industries

The further step of our development , our R & D department have developed ink for corrugated / craft paper boxes for flexo Printing with solid brght shades. The tailor made shade required by customer can be produced in any quantity.

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Machine Single or Multi-station Flexo Printers
Product Corrugated Boxes, Multiwall bags, Corrugated Boards, Paper Bags
Substrate Duplex Paper and Boards of various grade.
Plate Specifications Suitable for wide range of plates of varying thickness. Ink Suitable for line and Half Tone job. For solid jobs the ink requires modification.
Colour System Both Transparent as well as Opaque Inks available.
Shade Matching We Offer Tailor Made Shades and Panton Shades As Per Customer Requirment.



Viscosity 17 to 30 Seconds in 4D Cup, You can Dilute As Per Your Application Requirement
Rub Resistance Standard
Water Resistance Good.
Drying As Per Application.
Resolubility Excellent in DM Water.

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