Interior Decoration


Interior Decoration

Plaster of Paris is used for the interior decoration for ceiling or a frame work on the wall or a statue, the consumers are painting this applications with using paint it, but when it crake or break the white color appears, In case of using Pigmatron preparation, it gives attractive look to give solidity of the shades for uniform article and does not shows white part on crack or break.

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The Pigmatron products can be easily dispersible in water with stirring, just you can sprinkle the Powder or pour the liquid Pigmatron which will be disperse in water. It will not leave any particles on the surface. Because of the highly dispersed powder / liquid. Pigmatron ADP and ADR powder are very easy to handle compare to liquid paste in operation like weighing & withdrawing from the drum. Unlike pigment paste it does not settle down & dry up in hot-dry conditions.


Pigmatron Colorants are pre-dispersed with anionic and nonionic dispersing agents of organic & In-organic Pigments which all are water dispersible.

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