Coal Mines


Coal Mines

DUSTRON – PC (COAL) is suitable for haul road dust suppression in coalmines, overburden area and coal stockyard. It fulfils the rules & regulation of RCRA (RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND RECOVERY ACT) of USA & CPCB (CENTRAL PLLUTION CONTROL BOARD) & all other regulatory bodies (DGMS, CIL) of INDIA.


Other Information


  • Dust free environment
  • Biodegradable
  • Environment friendly
  • Nontoxic
  • Air borne dust under permissiable limit
  • No effect on
    • Human health
    • Aquatic life
    • Plant & grass
    • Earth worm
  • No diseases occur
    • Due to dust
    • Due to fungi (over watering)
  • Minimum saving
    • Water – 60 to 80% in 1:2500 & 40% in 1:5000
    • Fuel of water sprinklers - 60% to 40%
    • Electricity / diesel for pumping of water – 40%
    • Medicine cost
  • No hampered on transportation due to dust free haul roads
  • No hampered of works due to sound health
  • No
    • Mud formation
    • Stag dust found in the winter season
    • Effect of grader, dozer & HEMM Movements
    • Accidents occur due to dust free environments
  • Increases in comparision to normal water spraying
    • Production & productivity
    • Moisture 65% to 80%
    • Road streangth 70 % approx
    • Rewetting of soil
    • Life of spare parts of HEMM & LMV
    • Life of lubricants
    • Life of tyres
    • Life of water tanker by corrosion inhibition (about 20% for mild steel, 62% for bronze, 17% for copper, 74% for aluminium)
  • Decreases in comparision to normal water
    • The maintenance cost of hemm & lmv
    • The maintenance cost of haul roads due to very - very improved road

Application Area

Haul Roads in Coal Mines 
Overburden Area & Roads in Lignite Mines
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Thermal Power Plant
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Iron Steel Plant
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Fertilizer Plant
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Metal Smelting Plant
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Mineral Beneficiation Plant
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard in Cement Plant.
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard for moist coal. 
Roads of Lignite Stock Yard for handling.

Application System

DUSTRON – PC (LIG) treatment of haul road surface will be done every Day in the second half of first shift. In a month total no of days of applications will be necessary. However, during the initial treatment quantum of DUSTRON may vary in the ratio of 1:1000 to 5000 depending upon the soil conditions, temperature, humidity.

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